12 Tips for Success as an HR Professional

I’ve worked in Human Resources (HR) for over 12 years and here are a few things I learned:

1. When hiring for entry level, hire for attitude and potential. When hiring for leadership, hire for attitude and experience. Attitude is critical.

2. Onboarding is crucial. Guide and support the new hire in his first 90 days. Set him up for success and you will have increased his chances of regularization by 50%.

3. Train for development, not just compliance. Any kind of training whether onsite or offsite, online or on-the-job, is an opportunity to equip employees to perform better and work smarter.

4. Performance is always a team effort. Thus, if a member is struggling, the leader must exert all efforts, coach and mentor the former. High performers can also help through a buddy system.

5. Disciplinary action can be traumatic. Lessen the stress on the employee by informing him of his rights and hearing him out. Never make a decision unless you have substantial evidence.

6. Never stop learning. Always be ahead of new laws and employment regulations. Review your policies and procedures if they are still relevant.

7. Be friendly but fair. Work relationships should be mutually beneficial and for the best interest of the company. You may disagree but always be prepared to support your argument.

8. Never dismiss an employee on an executive whim. Advocate for the employee and convince management that correction and retention is more cost effective. You will do this often.

9. Grow the business. You must always know how HR can support the organization’s needs and improve its performance and profitability.

10. Be professional but also stay personal. Sometimes employees just need someone to talk to. Listen and offer help however you can.

11. Be happy for others’ success. You will never be in the limelight but find comfort in the fact that you’ve helped others achieve their dreams.

12. Be kind. You will only get to work with these amazing people once; whatever good you can do for them, do it now. You are the heart of every organization.

Ian is a passionate HR leader with more than a decade of executive leadership experience in Operations, Client Services and Human Resources Management with Commercial Retail, Real Estate, Business Process Services and Manufacturing companies. He was awarded as one of The Outstanding Cebuano Youth Leaders (TOCYL 2000). Currently, he is the HR Optimization and Retention Manager of Aboitiz Power and is a Board-of-Trustee of the People Managers Association of the Philippines Cebu Inc. (PMAP Cebu Inc.)

Caesar Ian Real

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