It’s All Coming Back

One of that forgotten dreams I have was how to become an effective event organizer. Unfortunately, in the province where i basically grow up, event organizing was not given that much importance like a profession (before) but something like a responsibility that you need to comply especially when one is asked to organize the activities for the upcoming town fiesta.

While attending a weekly meeting with my group, one of our colleagues disclosed how he wants us to grow and become an institution where in the near future, we will receive interns and teach them the ropes of event organizing.

Then he asked me this striking question ” When you were 18, are you already aware of events organizing? or you were completely clueless what its all about?”

Then i paused and tried to recall that part of me and remembered and replied ” I was already helping in organizing beauty pageants”.

He answered me that ” you were aware whats event organizing but your totally clueless of the proper way of how to do it, the entire procedure.”

And he was right.

In the province, it was the only activity I knew of as highlight for fiestas aside from organizing sports activities.

Then memories started pouring in, when i was 12 i was already active in putting up a volleyball team in our neighborhood here in the City. At 15 when my father was assigned in Camp Crame and we decided to stay behind, I was put in charge to handle the house budgeting. Then was also asked to facilitate every family affairs and work on the itinerary of our family outings.

Now, i realized what i have been doing before was basically events organizing and that it does not only limit to corporate events but as well in family affairs. Wedding, baptism, funeral, family reunions.

When i was still working online writing, I was put in charge with our company outing. I just did what i usually do for my family and didn’t realize that kind of gesture impressed my colleagues. One of our team lead asked me ” Are you doing this as a profession before? ” and I was like “Huh? why?” because she felt that i was already used to organizing events and with the coordination of suppliers.

With that comment, i asked myself, am i?

I have done a few things already in the past, but i consider it like a hobby and done it occasionally and every time i do it. I like it and felt sense of fulfillment especially I was more keen in organizing events for a cause.

I remembered when I was in college, for me to penetrate the beauty pageant industry like know the best make up artist, designers, the fashion photographer, the best host, etc ( to bring to the province and give us a good show) was for me to become a— contestant (LOL)

It was a six months whirl-wind romance with pageantry and thats when i realized being a beauty queen was not quite easy like you need to sacrifice your big appetite (Lord, i cant do that), to look at your best at all times (I dont like wearing heavy make-ups all the time), grooming ( i dont even comb my hair) most especially i dont like facing the crowd. After six months, i enrolled back to a college school run by nuns. I did that to refrain from joining pagentry and of course return to my big appetite (15 years after, i am now 160 lbs from 110 lbs LOL)\

It was a mission accomplished but being able to get contacts went futile when i entered the newspaper industry, everything changed and my goals changed. You can say i was not focused.

That’s life, but then its not too late. Working in the newspaper industry has also given me a lot of opportunity, all i need to do now is sew everything and become an effective individual not just in events but as well in all endeavors that i will be pursuing in the succeeding chapters in my life.

Beginning her career as a Photojournalist at The Freeman Newspaper/Philippine Star from 2000 to 2007, she then served as an Accounts Manager from 2007 to 2008. Driven by a passion for sports, she transitioned to a Sportswriter role at CDN and expanded into news writing for Inquirer Visayas. From 2010 to 2015, she honed her skills as a Sportswriter at Sunstar Cebu, after which she took the initiative to launch her own

Iste Sesante Leopoldo

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