About Us

Zoominglife.com, with the tagline “Cebu in multiple perspectives,” is an online platform that features Cebu’s finest and latest happenings. We put the spotlight on news, business, technology, entertainment, real estate, environment, and lifestyle.

As a bustling metropolis, Cebu does not run out of events and activities. Zoominglife.com aims to bring all of these to our readers — a one-stop of everything you need to know in Cebu, right now. For our clients, it is our goal to make sure your news and events are out there for Cebuanos to see and experience too.

The company was founded in 2015 by Kristen Marie Sesante Leopoldo, who has worked for over 15 years as a newspaper photojournalist, writer and marketing accounts manager. The company is based in Cordova, Cebu.

Zoominglife.com started off as an avenue to showcase her love for photography and to compile her articles. Back then, the print media was not yet totally into online presence. As a writer who produces three to five stories in a day, she has experienced having her articles shortened due to space constraints in the newspaper. This gave here the idea to use the website to post inspiring articles because after all, the internet offers unlimited space for creativity.

Four years later, Zoominglife.com is transforming itself into a digital media company from what used to be just a personal website. With a new look designed by Louie Miguel Veloso of Right Access Digital Solutions, Zoominglife.com is coming in a notch higher amidst Cebu’s growing digital landscape.

With the support of fellow visionaries who also have the same passion and gusto of providing compelling and inspiring stories about Cebu and its neighbouring islands, Zoominglife.com is here to be a part of your daily reading habit.