The Molave Clan’s Pride

I may have written articles about my relatives , but I realized that I missed writing about the person who I have known since I was very young: our hero, Auntie Maxima Bebe Medida Sesante.

To our Molave Clan, she is the epitome of a “Dakilang daughter, sister and auntie.” It was through her guidance that my father, the late Atty./PBGen. Napoleon Medida Sesante, was able to achieve his dreams of becoming a military officer and a lawyer, and he was then considered one of Boljoon’s pride.

My paternal side, the Medida, Niere, Romero, Sesante family of Boljoon, is known for engaging in public service, lawyering, or business. However, my grandparents were neither of these. They lived an ordinary life with 12 children filled with love.

I remember my father would say “gadoldol og asin” growing up. I thought they were in the salt business, which is why they ate rice with salt.

He would tell us that he used to walk approximately 4.6 kilometers from his home in Campfranco, which is located in the mountain barangay of Lower Becerril, to their elementary school at the Boljoon Central School in Poblacion. He also mentioned that he used to walk barefoot during those times.

They would spend their weekends roaming around the mountains or going to Lusapon beach. Those were happy memories of my father, and he always told us that story with a smile.

Despite their financial condition, Auntie Bebe was able to graduate college and became a licensed Chemist.

Because of her big dream to elevate their lives, they moved to Manila, bringing my father with her.

Papa, A provincial lad, was able to graduate high school as class salutatorian then entered the prestigious military school in Southeast Asia, the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

An opportunity came for Auntie Bebe to work in the United States of America , at first, she was hesitant because she didn’t know anyone there. But as she always told us, going abroad is not for the faint-hearted.

So she bravely went to the USA alone, working first in the windy city of Chicago.

She fought homesickness and being alone because of her dream to provide a comfortable future for her family, and she was able to achieve it.

She moved to California, petitioned my grandparents, then her siblings. That’s how most of my relatives started living the American dream.

We always have high regard for our Auntie Bebe, despite her being feared because of her temper. But we always understand her and love her unconditionally.

Beginning her career as a Photojournalist at The Freeman Newspaper/Philippine Star from 2000 to 2007, she then served as an Accounts Manager from 2007 to 2008. Driven by a passion for sports, she transitioned to a Sportswriter role at CDN and expanded into news writing for Inquirer Visayas. From 2010 to 2015, she honed her skills as a Sportswriter at Sunstar Cebu, after which she took the initiative to launch her own

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