Childlink Marks National Children’s Month with Several Activities

Recognizing the importance of addressing the adverse impact of the pandemic on their students, Childlink Learning Center and Highschool Inc. came up with several activities for the month of November.

These activities are done in observance of National Children’s Month, according to Childlink founder and school directress Maria Theresa Tio.

Last November 6, Childlink joined a webinar entitled Resilience in Children: Building Academic Stamina and Socio-Emotional Resiliency. The webinar is organized by Scholastic Philippines for its partner schools. Childlink parents and teachers joined the webinar, a timely activity for National Children’s Month.

The activity was very helpful especially for the parents as it provided information on how to counter the adverse effects of the pandemic on their children. 

A Book Reading Activity with award winning author, Mrs. Grace Chong will be held on November 29, 2021 for the Preschool to Grade 3 students.

“More than ever, we need to listen more to our children and look at what they need (which is) not just physical. During this time, parents are the only ones they get to talk to,” Ms. Tio explains. “Childlink has partners who are with us in this objective in supporting children at this time of the pandemic.”

She encouraged the Childlink parents who were not able to attend the webinar to check out the Scholastic Philippines Facebook page where it posted the webinar that was recently held.

The school also conducted a Career Orientation For Teens for all its high school students on November 20, 2019.

The resource speakers for the Career Orientation featured the parents of Linkers in the area of Business, Medicine, Engineering, Governance and Politics, and Information and Technology.

“It was a career orientation in the area of business, medicine, engineering, information and technology and politics and governance. Our speakers are our own parents. Being in top positions in their fields, they shared with the students on how important it is to have inherent values. The students were taught that work may be hard but if you love your work, it does not really work,” Ms. Tio says.

Mrs. Azela Honor talked about business while Dr. Manuel Villamor Jr. spoke on medicine. Engr. Jan Claudette de Joya discussed careers in engineering and Atty. Amando Virgil Ligutan focused on politics and governance. Meanwhile, Mrs. Kristine Borja also delivered a talk on information technology. Each speaker was given 15 to 20 minutes for their presentation.

Mrs. Azela Honor, Founder and CEO of Filipino Homes Plus and a parent of Childlink gives her career orientation to the High school students in the area of Business.

Aside from a discussion on their careers, the speakers also taught the high school students to work ethics and the value of work.

On November 29, Childlink will be holding two activities – a book reading with an author for students in Pre-school to Grade 3 and Let’s Go e-Games.

The roster of activities for the November Children’s Month is outlined in this e-poster.

Ms. Grace Chong will be reading her book entitled Lumpia Lane. It is a story about a restaurant owned by a Chinese family and how the grandparents wanted their grandchild to learn the business to be able to leave a legacy.

Ms. Chong is a multi-awarded author who left advertising creative work in the year 2000 to write full time. 

As of 2015, she has 50 published books in two genres (inspirational and children’s books), and has received recognition from the prestigious Palanca Awards (6); Gintong Aklat Awards (2); and the National Book Awards. She was educated in both the Philippines and the US.

According to Ms. Tio, the aim of the activity is to promote reading to children. “We made it a requirement for students and parents/guardians to attend because this is a very good learning activity,” she adds.  

Meanwhile, Let’s Go e-Games is a fun activity organized by the Childlink Student Council and will feature popular games such as Roblox, Mobile Legends, and others. This will be attended by students from Grade One to Highschool. 

Attendees to the Career Orientation Webinar held last November 20, 2021 included the High school students, their teacher advisers, guest speakers, school administrative personnel, and on the job teacher trainees.

The Student Council planned the e-Games activity to foster camaraderie among students.

“We are promoting eGames because a lot of games are really educational. We advise our students that they can play but should remember to set aside time to study and help at home,” Ms. Tio explained.

“Our teachers try to relate e-Games to lessons because these also benefit the students,” she adds.

On the other hand, Childlink will hold the Good Grooming and  Etiquette for Tweens with Zara Hernaez De Joya. This will be for students from  Grade 4 to 6, who are now in their puberty stage. 

A webinar on Good Grooming and Etiquette with Mental Health Ambassador, Ms. Zarah Hernaez will be held on November 30, 2021 for the Grades 4-5 students.

Ms. De Joya’s discussion will focus on the context of self-love, the individual’s roles in society and interconnectivity to the world in general. 

She will be talking about personal hygiene and sanitation, which plays a key role, as well as basic etiquette and netiquette and its importance. 

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