Yogi L. Ruiz Launches Comprehensive Sports Program in Cebu City, Focusing on Indoor Sports

In a bid to promote inclusivity and athleticism among Cebuanos, Yogi L. Ruiz, former PDEA Regional Director and Commissioner of the Bureau of Customs, has announced the launch of a sports program, aptly tagged #kuYOGI Mi “Sports for All Cebuanos” Advocacy. An initiative set to kick off in March 2024, with a strong emphasis on indoor sports at the barangay level in Cebu City.

Ruiz, a dedicated sports advocate and accomplished sportsman himself, believes in the transformative power of sports in nation-building. Speaking at a gathering with Cebu Sportswriters, he emphasized, “Sports are the best way to promote teamwork, humanity, brotherhood, and leadership qualities, among others. They are an integral element of life that offers numerous benefits.”

Given that each barangay in Cebu City is equipped with a gym, Ruiz envisions maximizing these facilities to establish grassroots programs in various indoor sports disciplines. The program will encompass sports such as Futsal, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess, Basketball, Dancesport, Badminton, and more. The overarching goal is to cultivate a new generation of competitive Cebuano athletes across diverse sports.

He also emphasized that, in the age of gadgets, sports offer a constructive way to engage children, fostering productivity while steering them clear of negative influences, particularly concerning drugs.

“In sports, we build character and learn values that are applicable to our daily living. I aim to champion a ‘sports for all’ initiative that reaches everyone, including the marginalized sectors of our society. It extends to sports fields that may receive less support but possess a high potential for excellence on the international stage,” emphasized Ruiz.

While acknowledging the efforts of past sports leaders, Ruiz aims to build on existing programs and enhance them, especially by providing additional benefits for local athletes, coaches and trainers. The comprehensive approach intends to address the holistic development of athletes, both in terms of skill enhancement and overall well-being.

In a parallel commitment, Ruiz expressed his support for the revival of the Sports Association of Cebu (SAC), an organization of Cebu Sportswriters dedicated to organizing the annual SAC awards that recognize outstanding Cebuano athletes. He views these awards as essential in inspiring local athletes to excel in their respective sports and as a platform for others to aspire to athletic greatness.

As Cebu eagerly anticipates the rollout of his advocacy dubbed as  “Sports for All Cebuanos,” Ruiz’s initiative signals a promising era for grassroots sports development especially among youth, fostering a culture of inclusivity, excellence, and healthy competition among Cebu City’s residents.

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