Municipality of Cordova Conducts Massive Disinfection

The Municipality of Cordova (LGU) conducted a massive cleanup and disinfection as one of its efforts to prevent the entry to the town of the Corona Virus (CoViD)-19 and contamination of the Cordovanhons.

This, after Cordova Mayor, Hon. Mary Therese P. Sitoy-Cho, issued on March 17, 2020, Executive Order No. 9-C (EO 9C), declaring the Municipality under a State of Community Quarantine. 

The Municipal Inter-agency Task Force (M-IATF), chaired by the Mayor herself, led the massive cleanup in all major establishments in the municipality, including the public markets, public plazas, centennial roads where both local and foreign tourists flock at night and the entire municipal building.

The Mayor has created the M-IATF through an executive order issued in February yet. It is composed of the Mayor’s Office, Rural Health Unit, Disaster Risk Reduction Management, Municipal Social Welfare, and Development Office, Municipal Treasurer’s Office, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator, the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Fire and Protection and the Philippine Coast Guard-Cordova substation.

In her EO No. 9-C, Mayor Sitoy-Cho defined the protocol to be observed by the Municipality if and when persons under monitoring (PUMs) and persons under investigation (PUIs) are found in the town. 

Flyers distribution regarding the Department of Tourism (DOT) Guidelines on Social Distancing and Community Quarantine at Cordova Public Market.

The EO 9C also provided for a curfew hour of 8 PM to 5 am for all and enjoins all its residents to stay inside their respective homes except for important reasons such as work, medical, purchase of basic commodities and emergency.  Business establishments were strongly advised to follow the measures for CoViD prevention such as proper hygiene, presence of alcohol or sanitizers and social distancing in the workplace; and to limit operations until 6:00 in the evening.

Mayor Sitoy-Cho also closed operations of the town’s Roro Port and asked the PCG-Cordova station to guard all ports of entry to ensure that no one from outside Cebu province enters Cebu through the Municipality. She also suspended public gatherings and classes in all levels.

Meanwhile, the Task Force implemented health checkpoints on land in the towns entrance and exit points in barangays Gabi and Pilipog. 

The Local Government Units and barangays leaders led the distribution of food packs consisting of rice, noodles and canned goods, to mostly affected and needy households whose income is affected with the implementation of CoViD prevention measures.

The Barangay Officials of the 13 barangays, including the island of Gilutungan, led by the Barangay Captains, are also instrumental in implementing the CoViD prevention measures in their respective barangays.  

The LGU and the barangays have also distributed food packs, consisting of rice, noodles and canned goods, to mostly affected and needy households whose income is affected with the implementation of CoViD prevention measures.

As regards concerns on the closure of the market, Mayor Sitoy-Cho assures the public that markets are still open for the people to buy basic needs. However, preventive measures shall be strictly followed. 

“Closing down these establishments may cause irreparable economic damage,” she said. 

The local task force and the Barangays, under the supervision of the Mayor,  continue to exert efforts to protect Cordova from the CoViD. These include education and information campaigns through the distribution of flyers and health checkpoints. 

“In just one week, our task force and barangay officials were able to implement the provisions in EO 9-C and the additional memoranda to prevent the spread of CoViD 19. I am very proud and thankful to the team, and I hope and pray that Cordovanhons appreciate the effort of the LGU and their respective barangay leaders to protect them and their families from this deadly virus.” Mayor Sitoy-Cho said.

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