Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes Marks 75th Anniversary with Grand Opening of New Cordova Branch

Cosmopolitan Funeral Homes Inc. (CFHI) celebrated a significant milestone on July 8, 2024 with the grand opening of their new branch, Cosmopolitan Cordova, located at the Cattleya Memorial Garden. This marks a major expansion for the company, solidifying their 75-year legacy of exceptional funeral services throughout Cebu, Mactan Island, and the Philippines.

CEO and President Expresses Gratitude and Commitment

CFHI CEO and President Renato “Oly” Dychangco Sr.

In his inauguration speech, CFHI CEO and President Renato “Oly” Dychangco Sr. expressed his deep gratitude and a strong sense of responsibility. He emphasized the company’s core values, highlighting their dedication to understanding and supporting the cultural and emotional needs of Filipino communities.

“This marks a significant milestone in our 75-year journey of serving Filipino families with compassion and dignity,” Dychangco stated. “At Cosmo, our legacy is not just about providing funeral services; it’s about understanding the cultural and emotional needs of our communities.”

New Branch to Enhance Funeral Care Standards

The state-of-the-art Cosmopolitan Cordova aims to elevate funeral services in the Island of Mactan. The facility provides families with a range of compassionate options during their time of need. This new venture, in collaboration with Cattleya Memorial Garden, underscores CFHI’s commitment to delivering exceptional and complete memorialization services that honor the diverse backgrounds and customs of Filipinos nationwide.

Adapting to Meet Community Needs

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, CFHI has consistently adapted their services. They have focused on promoting safer, more accessible, and more efficient funeral options across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Collaboration for Excellence

The partnership with Cattleya Memorial Garden further strengthens CFHI’s dedication to excellence in funeral care. Together, they offer complete memorialization services, ensuring every Filipino family receives services that reflect their cultural heritage and traditions.

Proactive Approach to Community Needs

Renato Dychangco Sr. also highlighted the importance of CFHI’s proactive approach. He mentioned their collaboration with CCLPI – Cosmopolitan Climbs Life Plans Incorporated – which offers pre-need insurance plans.

“Today, we are joined by the sales force of CCLPI,” Dychangco shared. “We collaborate to offer pre-need insurance, reflecting our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our community. Through CCLPI Plans, we continue to innovate and provide affordable life plan options, creating a lasting legacy for generations to come.”

75 Years of Service and Counting

As CFHI celebrates 75 years of service, their mission remains unwavering: to provide dignified funeral services that honor diverse cultures and backgrounds, while offering solace to the departed and their grieving families.

The company’s family-run legacy is built upon fostering genuine relationships, where each family served becomes an extended part of theirs. Notably, their dedication to global standards has been recognized by prestigious organizations such as the National Funeral Directors Association in the United States.

Innovation and Continued Care

Dychangco also elaborated on CFHI’s commitment to continuous innovation. He mentioned the introduction of 3D visual mapping technology, which further enhances the commemoration of loved ones. This dedication to excellence and care extends to all Filipino families throughout the country.

Join the Journey of Compassion

As CFHI’s journey of compassion and care continues, they warmly invite the community to join them in upholding their 75-year legacy of service. The inauguration of Cosmopolitan Cordova symbolizes a new chapter in providing compassionate funeral services, honoring cherished memories, and reflecting their deep commitment to serving families with compassion and dignity.

“As we celebrate 75 years of service, Cosmopolitan remains dedicated to bringing solace to grieving families while honoring the memories and legacies of their loved ones,” Dychangco concluded. “Today, as we inaugurate Cosmopolitan Cordova, we invite the community to join us on our journey of compassion and care. Each family we serve becomes part of our extended family, and we are deeply grateful for the trust you place in us during your times of greatest need.”

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