Cebu Pacific Elevates Customer Experience with New Travel Policies

Cebu Pacific Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Candice Iyog

The Philippines’ leading airline, Cebu Pacific (PSE: CEB), has taken significant strides to enhance its customer-centric approach by introducing innovative changes to its travel policies. Notably, the airline now offers non-expiring travel funds and extends the validity of travel vouchers, aiming to provide passengers with a more flexible and rewarding travel experience.

This announcement was made by CEB’s Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Candice Iyog, during a Media roundtable discussion on Tuesday, August 8, 2023. The event took place at the Summit Galleria Hotel Cebu at Robinsons Galleria, underscoring the airline’s commitment to open communication and transparency.

Effective as of August 1, 2023, Cebu Pacific has introduced the no-expiration policy for travel funds, previously valid for a duration of six (6) months from the date of conversion. Under this new policy, travel funds will no longer bear an expiration date, affording passengers the convenience of utilizing them as a virtual wallet for future bookings or add-ons, free from time constraints. Furthermore, passengers with a MyCebuPacific account can now utilize their non-expiring travel funds to book flights for family members or friends, streamlining the process of arranging travel plans for loved ones.

Iyog also clarified the new transferability feature of travel funds, stating, “Transferable doesn’t imply transferring your travel fund to someone else’s account. Rather, you can book a flight for another person using your own travel fund. This modification offers a greater degree of flexibility, accommodating various scenarios. Previously, the travel fund was non-transferable. Now, with the updated policy, I can utilize my travel fund to book a flight for someone, for instance.”

Cebu Pacific’s proactive approach to adapt to changing circumstances and prioritize passenger comfort reaffirms its status as a dynamic and responsive airline dedicated to providing an enhanced travel experience.

Also, a significant enhancement comes in the form of an extended travel voucher validity. Travel vouchers, which were previously valid for six (6) months, will now retain their validity for a period of 18 months. This elongated timeframe provides passengers with ample opportunities to utilize their travel vouchers for flight bookings.

Cebu Pacific’s latest initiatives underline its commitment to actively listen to its passengers and evolve its services in alignment with their ever-changing travel requirements. By placing convenience and satisfaction at the forefront, Cebu Pacific remains steadfast in its pursuit of being a customer-centric airline.

Candice Iyog remarked, “The enhancements in our customer care policies, particularly the non-expiry of our Travel Fund, exemplify our dedication to our passengers and our promise to continuously improve. Through these upgrades, we aspire to make air travel even more accessible to every Juan.”

Cebu Pacific’s Corporate Communications Manager, Erwin Colcol

In its continuous efforts to ensure seamless travel experiences, Erwin Colcol, Cebu Pacific’s Corporate Communications Manager, has also announced significant enhancements in customer care, offering heightened support for passengers facing flight disruptions. With immediate effect, the airline is introducing complimentary rebooking, travel fund options, and refunds for flights canceled more than 72 hours prior to departure. Passengers impacted by cancellations within the 72-hour window will receive round-trip travel vouchers, while those encountering a 4-hour delay will qualify for a one-way travel voucher. A delay of 6 hours entitles passengers to a round-trip travel voucher, along with provisions for meals, hotel accommodations, transportation allowances, and the option to be rebooked on alternate airlines if their flights are canceled within 72 hours of departure.

“We have implemented these changes to demonstrate our continuous commitment to our passengers by listening and improving our operations to better serve them. Through our enhanced customer care policies, we aim to alleviate any apprehensions passengers may have about flying. Our message is clear: Do not be afraid to fly. We have your back. We encourage you to choose Cebu Pacific. In fact, in Cebu, we have increased our frequencies to 11 destinations starting this August,” said Colcol.

Colcol underscored Cebu Pacific’s unwavering dedication to passenger well-being, urging travelers to approach flying with confidence. Alongside these improvements, Cebu Pacific has elevated its flight frequencies from Cebu to 11 destinations, providing travelers with a wider array of travel options.

To further encourage travel, Cebu Pacific is currently running a seat sale, allowing passengers to book flights from Cebu to select domestic and international destinations for as low as P399 one-way base fare until August 10.

The travel period for this promotion is from September 1 to December 31, 2023. Despite the ongoing challenges in the aviation industry, Cebu Pacific remains steadfast in its commitment to providing safe, reliable, and affordable air travel options.

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