Cebu Football Club Academy Sets Plans for Upcoming Tournament

The club’s leadership is setting its sights on the long-term establishment of a comprehensive football academy, which will include the formation of youth teams spanning various age groups. Furthermore, a pivotal milestone in their plan is the creation of a professional women’s club that aims to contribute to the growth and development of women’s football in the region.

Steered by the club’s head coach, Mustafa Al-Saffar, and his able assistant, Coach Joshua Schirmer, the team’s recently appointed technical director, Cebu Football Club (CFC) is determined to elevate its performance this season to new heights. The ultimate aspiration is to clinch the coveted Asian championship and claim every available trophy in their path.

Moreover, the club has ambitious intentions to extend its influence beyond the confines of Cebu City and represent the entire island on a grand stage. Coach Schirmer articulated, “We plan to expand the CFC legacy by actively scouting and nurturing local talent, thus solidifying our presence beyond city limits.”

The recently achieved triumph in the Palarong Pambansa, where Central Visayas emerged victorious, has served as a catalyst for exploring the wealth of homegrown football talent in Cebu. Coach Al-Saffar underlined that this milestone presents a unique chance to unearth Cebu’s untapped potential in the sport.

The CFC Academy is on the verge of an evolution, with Al-Saffar revealing plans for enhancements to its curriculum. “We are working hand in hand to establish a fresh curriculum that will attract a broader range of players and enrich the academy’s overall impact,” he stated, emphasizing the collaboration between the coaching staff and the academy.

Schirmer further elaborated on the academy’s blueprint, which involves customizing the curriculum according to the age groups of the players. “We intend to tailor the curriculum based on our collective experience working within an academy setting. This will ensure that players receive the right guidance at the right stages of their development,” he explained.

In an effort to bolster the team’s prowess, CFC’s owner, Ugur Tacsi, has plans to expand the stadium’s seating capacity from 560 to a staggering 5,000 this year. This strategic move is aimed at addressing the challenge of inconsistent attendance during matches and creating an electrifying atmosphere that rallies fans around their beloved team.

Fans and football enthusiasts are eagerly invited to tune in to CFC’s online media channels on August 20th to witness the forthcoming cup game live. Coach Al-Saffar anticipates significant gains from this exposure, asserting that it’s a splendid opportunity to showcase the club’s distinctive playing style and capabilities.

As the countdown to the tournament begins, Coach Schirmer has unveiled a roster expansion, introducing eight new players hailing from Turkey, Japan, and the Philippines. These additions will further enrich the team’s dynamics and bring fresh perspectives to the field. The culmination of their collective efforts will be witnessed in the Copa Paulino Alcantara, where Cebu FC is set to take on formidable opponents.

The group stage kicks off on August 27 with a match against the Manila Diggers, followed by clashes against the Pilipinas Dragons on September 3 and Maharlika Manila on September 9. Cebu Football Club’s journey promises to be thrilling and transformative, as they look to etch their mark in football history with their unrelenting passion and unwavering determination.

Ryandon Megabon

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